Firefighters rescue kitten stuck in a car engine in South Carolina

Photo: Goose Creek Fire Department

A kitten in Goose Creek, South Carolina, was found trapped in the engine compartment of a resident's car, but was luckily rescued by city firefighters.

The City of Goose Creek Fire Department received a call directly to the Station with a resident advising that a kitten was stuck in the engine compartment of a vehicle. The crew of Rescue 2801 responded and found a kitten entangled in the engine compartment area of the car. The crew of Rescue 2801 removed some minor car parts and disentangled the kitten. The kitten was transported to a local emergency vet where it was found that the kitten was hypothermic and had a left femur fracture.

The crew removed some small car parts and were able to disentangle the kitten. Fortunately, it will only need to be treated for hypothermia and a fractured femur. The feline is expected to make a full recovery!

A similar thing happened over the weekend in Yorktown Virginia...

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