UPS Driver delivers holiday packages and rescues dogs too!

A UPS driver went out of his way to deliver more than just a present for a customer who lost her dog.

Darrell Slack said coming off of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is their busiest week by far, but he just had to circle back to deliver this present. "By far the best package I've ever received," Neighbor Paula Odom said.

Slack has been a UPS drivers for almost three decades and said he keeps a box of bones onboard which are usually used to befriend the neighborhood dogs while he's delivering packages.

"You have some that initially don't want to warm up to you, but after you feed them for a week or so, they're running to the truck, they're glad to see you," Slack said.

While following his route he was asked for help, to look for a dog. "She explained to me his name was Pete, and he had a red harness on, and I was trying to reassure her we'll find him, it's okay," Slack said. Pete had escaped from the porch and he's a runner. "I was absolutely in tears and just thought I'd never see him again," Odom said. So driver Darrell decided to take an additional route, saw the dog and used his bones to lure the dog to him.

"I had the treat in one hand and when he got close enough I was able to get a hold of his harness," Slack said. With a new companion, Slack finished his deliveries and swung back by the Odom home.

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