Smiling Boston Terrier Dog on White Background Close-up

Photo: Getty Images

A pet dog is a Connecticut (Glastonbury) family’s hero after alerting the parents that their baby girl had stopped breathing. On Monday night, Kelly Dowling put her 9-month-old daughter, who had been battling a cold and not feeling well, down in her crib to sleep. Henry, her 8-year-old Boston terrier, kept barging into the sleeping baby’s nursery and waking her up. Frustrated because her daughter needed to rest, Dowling was “getting so fed up with him.”

… Dowling says normally, when Henry is scolded, he is embarrassed and hides under the bed “and you don’t see him for a while.” That night, however, he was persistent. Moments later, Dowling said she noticed something wasn’t right with her baby, who had stopped breathing. The frantic parents rushed the baby to the hospital where doctors were able to clear the build-up in her throat before things got worse.

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