A Maine cat missing for 7 years turns up 1400 miles from home in Florida

Ashes disappeared from Chesterville, Maine in August 2015. Her owner was distraught. It was her daughter's 10th birthday, and her beloved kitty had disappeared. They searched that area of rural Maine for weeks, but she was never found. With so many predators and such wilderness around their home, they feared the worst and grieved. Imagine their shock and delighted surprise when they got a call from a vet office in Longwood, Florida in January 2022 that a cat with a microchip registered to them had just come in to be scanned! She had been found as a stray and cared for by a local citizen who then brought her in for care when she exhibited symptoms of illness. A routine scan was able to identify Denise as the owner. She had kept the chip information updated and answered the phone when the vet called.

Denise had no idea how to get her long lost kitty home to Maine and reached out to animal advocates far and wide. A Southwest Airlines employee volunteered to fly her home to her momma and she is currently in foster care in Florida awaiting her medical clearance to be issued a health certificate to fly.

We are so excited to be part of her long journey. We have no idea how she managed to travel 1500 miles and so far, she isn't telling. Her medical care and expenses so far amount to approximately $475. She still needs her vaccinations, health certificate, and possibly some additional diagnostics. Her foster mom reports her to be super friendly with the same "little squeaky meow" her momma remembers from 7 years ago.

Needless to say, Katie the daughter, now a teenager, is over the moon with the thought that her baby will soon be home.

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