A 10 year old Georgia boy who rescues dogs gets his own Disney TV show

An Evans Georgia County boy has a goal: to make sure every dog in America finds a forever home. Roman McConn has gotten a lot of press lately, on local television and even national thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. Why? Because he's starring in his own television series, "Roman to the Rescue," on Hulu and DisneyXD.

He was just 5-years-old when he started "Project Freedom Ride" after seeing how many stray dogs were in Texas. “Unwanted dogs and dogs on the street, the number of them just keeps increasing and the number of good homes is slowly decreasing.”

One idea he had was to bring unwanted dogs in Texas up north where there are more homes and fewer dogs. “We dove in headfirst and we’ve just been saving a bunch of dogs since," he says.

After moving from Texas to Washington, he helped find thousands of dogs their forever homes. “We brought 31 dogs up from Texas to a rescue in Washington. Since that 31, we’ve helped 4,100 dogs,” he says, including many in Georgia since the family moved to Evans in 2018. He's not stopping there.

Roman still says his mission in life is "to get every dog in America adopted, just to begin with. Then I think after that, get every dog in the world adopted, and the best part about dogs is that they’re just a best friend and they’ll never judge you for anything.”

"Roman to the Rescue" is streaming on Hulu. In the series, he rescues 17 shelter dogs and finds them real homes.

Here is his recent appearance with Ellen, and a previous appearance with her 3 years ago. You can also see some local TV coverage here https://www.wfxg.com/clip/15297308/columbia-county-10yearold-dog-rescuer-stars-in-show-on-hulu

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