Crocodile escapes Florida Zoo van dashing down the road before being caught

Hungry Crocodile in grassy muddy setting

Photo: Getty Images

You always have to be on your toes if there’s a crocodile around. On Tuesday (February 22nd) a crocodile escaped out the back window of a “zoo van” that was relocating crocs to a different area of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. The zoo said the reptiles were secured before they were put inside the van. On Facebook the zoo writes, “The animal broke the back window of the van and made a dash down the road. Our crew acted quickly to recapture it, and deliver it safely to its new enclosure.” The zoo also says there was no real danger to the public or staff during the incident because the reptile’s mouth was secured. 

Here's the raw video of the chase!

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