So many families in Ukraine leaving home, but not without their pets

As those around her were fleeing Kyiv, 26-year-old Anastasiia Yalanskaya stayed to help the vulnerable--the animals left behind. She was killed in Ukraine while attempting to bring dog food to a shelter where the animals had not been fed in three days.

This horrifying story has once again shed light on the sadness in the region. Not only are families leaving the area and often unable to bring their belongings with them--such as suitcases left behind because there isn't enough room on the crowded trains--so many families refuse to leave their pets behind. But in many instances they don't have a choice. Fortunately there are people who are making it their mission to care for them.

"It's unimaginable," said President of the San Diego Humane Society, Dr. Gary Weitzman. Many Ukraine families are refusing to leave without their pets and are taking their animals with them as they flee Russia’s invasion. A young woman is pictured traveling with her cat on a train. Animal rescue crews met families with pets at the Ukraine-Romania border with food, blankets and veterinary care.

Below are some of the stories of how people are trying to help.

Ukrainians Flee To Hungary Amid Russia's Armed Invasion

Photo: Getty Images

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