Netflix film honors the shelter dog who turned police dog and saved a life

A new Netflix movie tells the improbable story of a shelter dog who was nearly euthanized, only to become a police K-9 and save a life. "Rescued by Ruby” tells the story of a problematic pooch who just needed someone to believe in her

Ruby, an Australian shepherd and border collie mix, was adopted by Cpl. Daniel O'Neil in 2011, who was in need of a search-and-rescue dog for work. She had been adoped and returned to the shelter by 5 families until she found her place with O'Neil.

He enrolled Ruby into a K-9 training course, where she reportedly graduated at the top of her class.

In October 2017 Ruby found a teenage boy who had fallen into a ravine and remained unconscious. It turned out to be the missing son of the woman who trained Ruby.

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