Cat saved from death at Russian garbage sorting plant--and is adopted!

When a worker at a waste-sorting plant in Russia saved a cat who was seconds away from death, he had no idea a government official would soon adopt him. The worker had noticed something soft in a plastic bag and took it off the conveyer belt to see what it was.

Surveillance footage soon went viral of the waste plant 435 miles southwest of Moscow. The video shows the worker, Mikhail Tukash, taking a white bag off the conveyer belt, cutting it open, and finding a black and white cat. He said “I felt something soft inside the bag. I cut the bag open slightly and I saw eyes looking back at me.” Tukash was honored by local authorities for his rescue.

The rescue video was broadcast on television and social media, and the black and white cat soon became a local celebrity. A Ulyanovsk environment minister adopted the cat.
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Photo: Getty Images

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