Woman Dumps Dog With 46-lb Tumor On Beach. He Lay In 1 Spot For Days

Handsome Henry

Photo: Getty Images

Henry is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever who was dumped on a California beach with a gigantic 46-lb tumor growing on his right side. Henry could barely walk or lift his leg to relieve himself. For days, the abandoned baby sobbed helplessly on the secluded beach as he waited for his owner’s return. But she never did.

But Henry was noticed by a passerby. By that time he was soaking wet in his own urine and feces. He was depressed and exhausted from the loneliness and pain, but he wagged his tail at the sight of another human. The passerby called the Newport Beach Police Department to rescue the unlucky dog.

Henry weighed 118-lb and war transferred to the Newport Beach Animal Shelter and later to the hospital for a medical examination. There workers were heartbroken to learn that apart from the tumor, Henry also suffered from severe bladder and ear infections. It was clearly a case of prolonged neglect and apathy on part of his previous owner.

Once some of the other issues were stabilized, Henry underwent a difficult surgery to get rid of the tumor. Once removed, Henry embraced his free spirit like a true champion. He is now thriving in foster care, and literally never stops wagging his big, bushy tail!

Even better news: Henry’s ex-owner, Sherri Haughton, has been found and arrested. The woman has been charged with misdemeanor offences of life-endangering animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, animal abandonment and interfering with the duties of an animal control officer. She is facing up to 2 years in prison. Who wouldn't want to adopt this beautiful boy! Clearly the shelter had no issue finding a new home.

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