This dog "Baby Girl" is left tied to a fire hydrant with note and backpack

Photo: Kylie Rose Englehardt

This did not take place in Savannah or the Lowcountry, but it could happen anywhere.

This dog named "Baby Girl" was left tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay Wisconsin, in the cold, with a note indicating the owners could no longer care for her.

The note also mentioned that the dog’s name was “Baby Girl.” In addition to the note, a backpack containing food, treats and toys was left with the dog.

The resident sat with the dog for an hour waiting for someone to come back, but no one ever did. The dog was taken to Green Bay’s Humane Society who say that Baby Girl is still in the care of staff and is receiving lots of TLC. The dog is currently on stray hold and the Humane Society is tracking down any leads on who the owners are.

The Humane Society wanted to remind people it will never turn away an animal in need, and people can surrender anonymously.

We regularly work to make sure that surrender fees are not a barrier to those needing to rehome their pet, and although we request a surrender appointment be made in advance, we do take in emergency surrenders if necessary. It's important to us that the community knows we are a supportive, welcoming resource for those in need.
Wisconsin Humane Society

The dog is about six years old but the contents of the note or other details were not released.

Why the owners, if they really care for their dog, didn't just take her to a shelter, is something most of us animal lovers just cannot understand.

The good Samaritan who sat with the dog is Kylie Englehardt who posted this on her Facebook page.

Fortunately in response there are quite a few folks willing to take Baby Girl into their lives and homes.

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