Florida deputy opens his patrol car door and a stray dog hops inside!

Palm Beach Florida County Detective Araujo saw this dog in traffic, opened his car door to speak to him and the dog jumped to his front seat.

Just as the detective brought his car closer to inspect the dog, the dog promptly jumped inside his car and stayed there in a calm and composed manner.

Surprised at the dog’s behavior, the detective drove him to the Animal Care and Control board, where the dog was reunited with his owner thanks to the microchip identifier attached to the canine.

Commenting on the video, a Facebook user wrote: “Thank you for getting him to safety so glad his owners cared enough for him to have chipped and registered hopefully he will stay home it’s too hot for him to be out he seemed to love the ride.”

Another person remarked, “Thankful for people like you! Ours got hit and killed by a car yesterday so this hits home. So glad he’s safe ”

Thanking the sheriff’s office, the dog’s owner, Jarend Caro, wrote on Facebook: “Lol!!! How funny! I’m the owner of Coco he is finally back home safe after 9 days of being missing!!! We are beyond grateful and he is happy as ever!!! Thank you!!!”

Here's the video:

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