A couple spent their wedding day searching for their missing puppy after he escaped when they were getting married.

Daniel and Rachel Munday also spent their first night married sleeping in their car when cocker spaniel Crash got away from their dog sitter. Members of the wedding party walked around in their suits and dresses as they scoured woods in the pouring rain looking for the missing puppy. Rachel said ‘By the time it got dark we settled in for the night and slept in our car ready to resume the search when it got light again.

Crash had been for a walk but refused to get back in the van before dashing off into nearby woodland at around 11am.

By 4pm, family members, friends and guests all abandoned the celebrations to help look for the missing eight-month-old dog.

Crash was still eluding them by sunset and Daniel and Rachel ended up sleeping for two hours in their car for their first night as man and wife.

The dog was finally found with the help of a heat-seeking drone in a wooden area at around 3pm.

Dozens of strangers also joined the search party after the family posted an appeal on Facebook.

Rachel added: ‘It absolutely threw it down that day but when we found Crash he was completely dry and fine – unlike the rest of us.

How did you spend your wedding night? A couple from England recently spent their first night as husband and wife searching for their lost dog. Daniel and Rachel Munday say they tied the knot in Rutland on the afternoon of May 14th when their dog-sitter contacted the maid of honor and told her the couple’s dog had escaped from the car, and dashed off into some nearby woods. By 4 p.m. friends and family all left the celebrations behind to look for the missing eight-month-old dog. The dog was not found, and the couple slept in their car their first night as a married couple. The next day a drone operator who specializes in searching for lost dogs helped find their pooch who ended up near a neighboring village. The couple plans to make up for their lost celebration by having a belated wedding barbecue.

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