Kudos to Savannah Police Dept for rescuing a kitten stuck in a storm drain


Meet Stormy.

Now Stormy was a curious little kitty doing what kitties do best -- exploring and getting into general mischief -- when he got trapped in a tight spot yesterday. Around 7:30 p.m. June 7 officers were called to Iowa Street to assist with the then-unnamed kitty that had gotten himself stuck in the storm drain and was meowing for help.

Officers Olivia Buttner and Gary Van Bramer arrived on scene to assist and located the little kit-kat along with Tavarius and Omari. Determined to rescue anyone in trouble, the two officers and two boys put their heads together and concocted a rescue plan. They tried a rake but that didn't work. With the aid of another officer, they were able to pull up the manhole cover, causing the 'fraid little kit-kit to run.

Obviously traumatized by the incident, the little kitty tried to hightail it out of there after his initial rescue, and ended up in another tight spot -- climbing up under the nearby patrol car. On hands and knees, the officers and boys followed the little meows and eventually pulled the curious cat out, holding extra tight to keep him safe this time.

Tavarius fell in love with the little kitty and adopted him, promising to give kitty a stern talking to about the dangers of storm drains, cars and remind him of the old saying "curiosity killed the cat." Together the officers and the boys named him Stormy.

Stormy was last seen headed off with Tavarius and Omari to get some food and supplies for his new home.

We're not animal control, but we're happy to help when anyone -- human or animal -- needs our help.

Good luck to Stormy!

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