This could be the sweetest thing you see all day: a husky sings to a baby

Dog licking woman's face, high section (focus on dog)

Photo: Getty Images

This beautiful Husky boy not only loves to snuggle with his newborn human but he also sings them to sleep, too. Yep, he loves to sing for his family's new baby, and it's even more precious than you think. 

The adorable clip was posted to TikTok by dog owner and new mama @martha__speakss, though all of the Internet is sharing in her pride. With such a sweet duo--who wouldn't want to show them off? 

By the looks of the comments section, other viewers feel the same way! @jennb6907 found this clip "absolutely precious," while @maryerskine79 said, "🥰🥰🥰🥰 so sweet he's singing the song of his people to the baby."

"Isn't it funny how the "singing" doesn't bother the baby at all? 🥰," asked @mimidee10. They must be so used to it with a talkative big bro like this guy! Let's put it this way: after learning to sleep through this opera, this kiddo will be able to sleep through anything. 

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