Army soldier vows to rescue his new best friend Doc and bring him home

Photo: Paws Of War

One Army soldier is doing all he can to rescue his best buddy out of a war zone into safety.

U.S. Army Specialist Howe, who is currently deployed overseas, got the surprise of his life when he spotted a little puppy recently who discovered a way to sneak onto the base and now is inseparable from his best buddy. The scared puppy was apparently seeking shelter from the "cruel" and "dangerous" conditions of the area outside.

Howe named the puppy Doc and gave him food and water, since he was "very dehydrated and desperately hungry."

Now, Doc refuses to leave the soldier's side.

He's given the whole camp a "much-needed morale boost," Paws of War says. "He walks around his newfound family members, wagging his tail and giving kisses in exchange for a few belly rubs," the organization said.

Howe admitted that he and his fellow soldiers "sleep better at night" just having Doc close by.

The soldier promised his pup that he would do "everything [he] could not to leave him behind" — which would require shipping the puppy home to Kentucky.

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