Owner's request for his dying dog: give him snow to lay on one more time

 A Canadian (Calgary) dog owner knew their Bernese Mountain Dog wasn’t going to make it to winter, so he reached out to the internet for a snow miracle. The reddit user (canadianbuilt) said that their 11½ year old Bernese Mountain Dog Brooke had only a couple more days left on this Earth and asked if anyone knew a place that could provide her some snow.

… He wrote on reddit: “She loves snow, but isn’t going to make it to winter. Does anyone know of any rinks or anything that has a good pile of snow behind them so she can go lay on the snow one last time?” The post went viral and numerous redditors posted suggestions. Thankfully, the good Samaritans at a sporting complex came through and started piling snow outside the house.

… A short time later the redditor shared: “Thanks everyone … she had her last fix of snow and passed away shortly afterwards.” The redditor posted Brooke’s reaction to getting to lay in a snowbank one last time.

When posting a picture of his beloved dog getting to lay in snow he wrote:

Follow up from the hunt for snow. The amazing guys at Bowness Sportsplex immediately started dumping their snow outside for us. She passed away a few hours after getting her last snow fix.

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