Harry Styles Channels John & Olivia at the First ‘Harryween’ in Los Angeles

Harry Styles continues to do things to encourage fans and others to like him. He seems very endearing in the things he does.

On Halloween, he hosted Harryween, his concert at the Los Angeles Forum.

At one point he came back on stage dressed as Danny Zuko, the character John Travolta played in "Grease," but what came next was sweet and endearing.

A single beam of white light identified Styles, who was dressed as Danny Zuko, Travolta’s character in the film, wearing a black wig and sideburns, a leather jacket and a black muscle tee with the word “Harryween” emblazoned on the back in red glittery letters. Then...

He broke into a performance of "Hopelessly Devoted To You," in a heartfelt tribute to the late Olivia Newton-John. At one point it's hard to even hear him as the audience singing overpowered him.

As Variety put it in their review, "while a photo slideshow of the singer appeared on the screen, Styles skillfully replicated the song’s delicate beginning and rattled out robust high notes as a ferocious singalong erupted throughout the arena."

Check it out.

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