Sweet senior dog slowly climbs the stairs to see her favorite contractor

When our dogs get older we start to notice they move slower and spend more time sleeping than playing. It's an inevitable part of the transition...but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. However, one elderly pup had a spark of motivation to find the energy to perform a strenuous task, and her mom captured the amazing moment on video.

TikTok user @charlottesigurdson_art recently shared a video of their senior black lab Maddie, going to greet her "favorite contractor," Roy. In the video, Maddie slowly climbs up the stairs of her house for the first time in months to say hello to Roy, who is working upstairs. Check out the video to see this sweet pup brave these stairs for her best friend! Then she comes back down, just as slowly, and hangs around for some lovin'. Adorable.

Mollie is just a good ol' girl

Photo: Getty Images

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