Adopted and returned for a record 14 times, Ronald has finally been adopted

Things were not looking good for Ronald. Adopted and returned 14 times, the dog seemed destined for a life alone. Too clumsy, too goofy, too large, too naughty — the excuses kept coming as family after family returned him to the North Carolina rescue shelter. But staff did not give up hope. Believing Ronald to be cute, with a sweet nature, they upped their efforts to find his forever home. And they did.

… Kiersten Davis, a 28-year-old nurse, saw the one-year-old, 63-pound puppy on social media and fell in love. To Davis, his size and energy weren’t intimidating. Instead, he felt like the family’s missing piece. And now that the adoption is permanent, she says she will never let him go: “Oh, he’s perfect. He’s staying.”

… Of the 14 people who’d looked into adopting Ronald, three tried doing a “dress rehearsal,” taking him home for up to five days to see if he would be the right fit. But all of them brought him back.

Meet Ronald's new forever family!

Foto: SPCA of Wake County

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