Dog saves 1-year-old from house fire as family loses everything

A stubborn dog who refused to leave the side of a one year old baby during a house fire is being credited for saving the child.

When a 1-year-old baby was stuck in a house fire, the family dog would not leave her side until she was rescued.

Both made it out safely, but their family lost everything in a fire of a multifamily home in Detroit according to Kelley, the child's mother..

Blue is a 3-year-old pit bull Lab mix, a rescue dog Kelley has had for two years. Blue is very close with Kelley's fiancé, who takes him on his morning walks.

"(Blue) is very protective over all of us," she said. "He also loves his best friend Smokey, the family cat."

The family received some donated money so they could all spend a couple nights at a Red Roof Inn after living in their van since the blaze.

At the time of the fire, Kelley and Davis were at Walmart with her two oldest children, ages 7 and 9.

"I got a phone call that the house was on fire. My fiance's brother was at the home and he's the one that called," she said. "He was trying to rush and get the dog, the kids, and everybody out of the house."

She asked her landlord if he would provide a grace period so she did not have to pay rent but he refused saying "I have bills to pay too."

 "I just paid him to rent two days prior to this, so when I asked him if he could give me something back, I got told, 'No, I have bills, too.'"

Donations are still being accepted by the family at

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