Mom Checks Nanny Cam At Night And Realizes Her Baby Is Not Alone :)

Kelly De Alba got a notification from her baby cam and figured it was probably just baby Kallie moving around. But when she opened the app, De Alba saw an adorable visitor hanging out in Kallie’s crib — the family’s little black cat, Luna. And Luna wasn’t having any problem getting comfy in her sister’s bed.

“I got a notification, so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over [Kallie],” she said. “The camera was right in her face, and they were both looking at it like, ‘Mom, please don’t separate us. Please don’t. Let us stay.’” De Alba posted the footage to TikTok, and people could not get enough of Luna and Kallie’s relationship.

A beautiful cute black cat lies on a bright yellow woolen plaid at home.

Photo: Getty Images

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