Why would Mr. Nice Guy Henry Winkler make Kelly Clarkson cry?

During Tuesday’s (April 18) broadcast of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she told Winkler that her daughter is bullied because she’s dyslexic. 

She shared the comment while the two were discussing Winkler’s upcoming series called Detective Duck, which is his 38th book. “I was driving my daughter to school yesterday and she’s dyslexic, and you have told me that you’re dyslexic as well,” began Clarkson. “I find that amazing, to tell my daughter that you’ve written like 40 books and you’re dyslexic because she was getting bullied at school for not being able to read like all the other kids.”

Winkler pointed out that “1 in 5 children” are diagnosed. She shared the names of other dyslexic actors, like Anthony Mackie and Zachary Levi, and said their openness has “empowered” her daughter.

Winkler exclaimed, “She’s part of the tribe!” before asking Clarkson for her daughter’s name, which is River Rose. He looked into the camera and said, “River! How you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are.”

The message left Clarkson emotional and she jokingly gestured to cut the cameras.Watch....

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