Videotape collector stumbles upon an unusual find: a dog wedding!

Matt McCarthy collects old video cassette tapes and shares them on his TikTok. The actor recently shared the strangest video he has ever found: A dog wedding.

The marriage between two beagles, Gigi and Barney, took place in 1994 and featured an Elvis impersonator. Gigi has on a veil in the video, and Barney is dapper in a tuxedo.

"By the power invested in me by the puppy law foundation, I now pronounce you a canine couple," the man conducting the service proclaims. "You may lick your bride, Barney."

McCarthy, who is also an actor, collects old tapes and shares their contents on his TikTok, where he has 149,000 followers. The strangest video he's ever found, he said, showed a wedding of two beagles, complete with party guests, wedding cake, and Elvis impersonator.

The side of the tape was labeled "Gigi and Barney's Wedding" and was filmed on June 5, 1994.

"Can you believe this summer will be their 29th wedding anniversary?" McCarthy said. "I wonder what they're up to now."

Talk about puppy love!  Check out the video here:

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Photo: Getty Images

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