A golden retriever in New Jersey named Zeppole has captured the hearts of millions after becoming known as “your favorite pool trespasser” on TikTok. In a clip uploaded to the social networking site, the cute canine found a creative way to cool down this summer.

According to People, on Aug. 4, Zeppole’s human, a TikTok user who goes by errieting, uploaded a video of the pooch “escaping into the neighbors pool.” The footage showed the doggo being watched as he used his owner’s overturned canoes as stepping stools to hop the fence. After the video cut to the next scene, Zeppole found himself in the water as his owner was heard off-camera softly saying, “Let’s go, come on.”

The orders were no match for Zeppole, who had his heart set on swimming. Once his owner got closer to him, he playfully turned away, leaped from the pool’s steps and landed further into the water.

Since the early August upload, the footage has already amassed more than 43,000 comments and five million likes. “I’m sorry but I’m loving the Golden retriever’s defiant swimming videos 😳😂,” a viewer said of the determined dog’s infamous hobby.

Zeppole’s loyal fans loved watching his videos so much that days later they were blessed with a follow-up. “THE NEIGHBOR’S POV."

The New Jersey neighbor was filming simultaneously with Zeppole's owner, but aside from a different viewpoint, the follow-up video contained a fun voiceover with Zeppole in mind. (see below!)

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