What you could and should not feed your dog at your Labor Day Cookout

With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, pet parents might be tempted to share human food with their pets while barbecuing. 

Veterinarian Alysper Cormanes, DVM with Honest Paws shares which foods are safe for pets and what to avoid during Labor Day gatherings:

  1. Ribs: Grilled ribs are a safe and hearty snack for dogs provided that they are given without the bone. Just watch out for sauces that come with the dish that may have potentially harmful herbs or flavorings. 

2.Chicken wings: Chicken wings are only safe provided that you strip it of the outer coating, especially if it has been infused with strong or spicy flavors from any sauces. Some of those spices may be harmful, like garlic and onion powder. Never give your dogs the chicken bones. If they break and are swallowed at the wrong angle, that sharp bone edge could lodge somewhere and could spell a whole lot of trouble. 

3.Burgers and Sliders: Provided that you give them the plainest most simple kind, burgers and sliders are a good snack for your dogs. Strip your burger of sauces and condiments, onions, and cheese, and thoroughly cook the meat and you are good to go. Remember that they can’t have as much salt as humans do so don’t give too much, but you can make your dogs their own lean, unsalted, burger patties.

4.Hot Dogs: The ingredients make [hot dogs] very high in fat, calories, and salt. You can easily give your begging puppy a bit too much and it can lead to pancreatitis because they will have a harder time digesting the fatty contents. Dogs that are obese or have dietary restrictions should skip this snack entirely. 

5.Corn: Giving dogs cooked corn as an occasional snack is safe for dogs provided that it is off the cob. Corn is a good source of nutrients and carbohydrates for dogs and should provide a great crunch.

6.Potato Salad: Potatoes are safe for dogs but potato salad is not. Potato salad contains mayo, aromatics like onion and garlic, and high amounts of salt. These ingredients will likely cause digestive upset even in small amounts. 

7.Fruit Salad: There are certain fruits that dogs cannot have such as grapes, cherries, avocadoes, and tomatoes. Other fruits that are usually found in salads exclusive of these are safe for dogs but in moderation. All fruits should be free from pits, seeds, stems, and peels so that there is less likelihood of poor digestion or obstruction from the plant material. 

8.Cookies: Cookies are bad for dogs because the usual main ingredients are toxic for them. Chocolate can cause theobromine toxicity which leads to stomach upset in the form of profuse vomiting and/or diarrhea. Raisins have been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs. Nuts that are considered toxic for them include walnuts, macadamias, and pistachios. Creams and dairy-based toppings can also upset your dog’s stomach. There are a lot of commercially available pet-safe cookies that can be given to your dogs as an alternative. 


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