Dog Cries With Joy at Being Reunited With Her Owner At The Airport

While owning a dog is a big responsibility, there are times when you have to leave them with a trust person as you go out of town for whatever reason. It's never easy.

This TikTok user had an emotional reunion with her pup after being away when her mother brought the dog to the airport to greet her. The video she posted has been seen more than 2 million times. Camille (@ds.camille) can be seen walking through the airport and once her dog recognizes her she runs right towards her, visibly excited and making small whining noises. There is an audible "awwww" from the watching crowd.

A pet expert says: "They are one of the few pets that are capable of feeling love in the same way as humans. They also feel it's their job to protect you and their anxiety levels can rise when you're not around as their sense of purpose disappears. Dogs thrive off routine, and when that routine is disrupted it can sometimes cause stress and anxiety. Your dog does love you and associates you with their current lifestyle. You provide food, exercise and a warm, loving home, in return, they provide protection (or so they think). Their routine will be disrupted and they may become anxious because you're not there. They may even panic, wondering where their next meal is coming from."

Photo: Stephen Chernin / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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