Raising money to help the Golden Retriever named after Stevie Nicks

Stevie  the golden retriever, who was named for singer Stevie Nicks, is a favorite in his neighborhood in Orlando. So, when he was hit by a motorcyclist a couple of weeks ago, the neighborhood kids organized a lemonade stand and put up posters seeking donations for his care. They’ve set up a GoFundMe page as well. The kids have raised $400 in cash so far, but they have a long way to go. Poor Stevie’s vet’s bill came to $13,000 for treatment of a punctured lung among other injuries. His family says he’s recovering. 

On September 19 the family posted a gofundme to help with the medical bills. At the time there was only a few hundred dollars donated. But in the weeks since things have changed :) Check this out!!

Fundraiser by Marisol Serrano : Stevie's Recovery Fund (gofundme.com)

On the night of September 14, our five-year-old Golden Retriever Stevie was hit by a reckless motorcycle driver who was speeding in our neighborhood right in front of our home. The motorcycle driver hit her and kept on going. Stevie immediately fell to the ground and collapsed. She suffered several injuries. We took her to the hospital a little far away from our home as nothing was open that night in Orlando. They immediately took her into surgery, they told us there was a chance she could make it if they would take her to surgery right away. We decided as a family that we needed to give her a chance to live and with advice from the Vet doctors (because she is only five years old). Stevie is currently recovering well but her recovery is going to take some time.

She is recovering from several broken rib fractures, they had to remove a small piece of her lung because her lung was punctured during the accident. This girl is a fighter. Stevie is like our child. We love her very much. She is smart, cute, and very obedient. Ever since this tragic accident happened, I have received many messages asking how they can help. At the time of her accident, I was not able to answer everyone and couldn't wrap my head around why someone would hit a dog and leave, especially when my daughter was crying for help. Stevie’s surgery bills have been covered but she will have a lot of doctor visits and therapy for a few months until she gains her strength back. I thank everyone for all your prayers, support, and messages. If you are a dog owner or dog lover, I am sure you can relate.

FYI- Stevie is doing well and not suffering, she will be coming home today (Sept 19).

Thank you!



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