A TikTok capturing a woman’s reaction to being taken to The Cheesecake Factory on a first date has gone viral. In the video, the woman explains her refusal to get out of the car and enter the popular chain restaurant, saying it is not an appropriate venue for a first date. The man tries to reason with the woman and asks to discuss the issue further, which they do. In the video the woman talks to the camera with the man in the driver’s seat. She explains that on a first date, a “beautiful woman” should be “courted”. The un-couple go back and forth (rather nicely) about first date expectations. We learn in the video that while she has pretty high expectations, she kept him waiting for an hour when he came to pick her up.

… The guy eventually brings up his calendar and shows her where he had planned to take her. He had reservations for a nice place but they missed their window when she came down to his car late.

… The woman’s date eventually decides to drop her off at home, as he feels that her expectations for the relationship are not compatible with his. When he starts to drive them back to her place she protests, looking for “compromises” and admits she made some mistakes, including being very late for the date.

Watch her video and share your comments (I know you will have some!!)

The Cheesecake Factory

Photo: LPETTET / iStock Unreleased / Getty Images

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