Mountain Lions roaming in Pennsylvania turn out to be just feral house cats

A reported mountain lion on the loose in Pennsylvania turned out to be a large house cat.

Thomas Keller of the Pennsylvania Game Commission investigated reports and examined photos of the feline.

"Based on the photos taken using the cutout in comparison to the original photo, it appears that the animal in question was a large feral house cat," Keller said.

"We will generally go out and try to talk with who reported it and get perspective on where the photo was taken," Keller told the Lehigh Valley News. "We look at original picture and measure what we can.

"We get a lot of these every year. We look at things in the picture that we can get scale from. It might look like a mountain lion, but we need to know what those measurements are to get the scale."

The last confirmed mountain lion sighting in Pennsylvania was in the 1870s.

Silhouetted Mountain Lion Stalking Prey

Photo: Chase Swift / The Image Bank / Getty Images

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