Meet the lapdog who weighs 252 pounds!

Meet a 2 year old dog who weighs over 250 pounds and thinks he's a lap dog.

Dylan Shaw is a 33-year-old dog trainer who owns a 2-year-old Turkish Malakli dog (an Aksaray Malaklisi) named Abu. 

Shaw's "gentle giant" can stand over seven feet tall and weighs about 252 pounds and eats an entire chicken daily— costing his owner some $4,800 every year. 

"He has raw meat, raw dog food and whole chickens as well — he gets one chicken per day," Shaw told SWNS, the British news service.
While Abu is very energetic outside the house, inside he just wants to curl up on someone's lap. 

"He thinks he’s a lot smaller than he is, and he tries to sit on your lap and crushes you, but he’s a big softy, really," he said.

But Abu still has some growing to do! He won’t be fully grown until he’s 3 years old. 

"It’s ridiculous. I don’t know what I’m going to end up with — he’s already outgrown my expectations," Shaw said to SWNS. 

Shaw said he and Abu are often asked to stop for photos while they're out on walks — and that some people even ask if they can take Abu for a ride. 

"A couple of months ago, I [brought] him into my kids’ school for ‘Take a Pet to School Day’ and all the kids loved him," Shaw recalled.

"He’s a really good family dog, he’s great with kids … He’s lovely," said Shaw.

A Turkish Malakli is known as a livestock guard or field security dog in Turkey.

Photo: SWNS

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