Bret Michaels Shares Update on his new Rescue Dog Bret Michaels Jr.

You might remember the story from late October: Bret Michaels, the singer from the group Poison, heard about a dog named after him at the Nebraska Humane Society and reportedly reached out to adopt the animal.

The dog, named Bret Michaels, turned out to be a hero when his blood was used to save the life of a kitten with flea anemia. Canine blood can be used for transfusions for cats, so the dog became a candidate to help out the kitten. After the first round of transfusion, the kitten started showing signs of improvement. Michaels was made aware of the dog and agreed to adopt but could not get him immediately since the band was on tour. So Nebraska Humane arranged for a foster home until he could claim the Husky.

"I could not have been more touched and more honored to adopt Bret Michaels the husky, knowing that he gave blood to save the life of a kitten," he told PEOPLE. "I could not work fast enough to adopt this husky and extend the awesome quality of little Bret Jr.'s life."

Michaels' decision to adopt the hero dog came shortly after he lost his 14-year-old German shepherd Phoenix earlier this year. "I work diligently with my family and many people to save and improve the lives of many pets."

Bret Jr., has now found a loving family that also includes our two rescue shepherds, Nova and Draco," he added.

He posted on Instagram this week that Bret Jr. is just like him — "a wild free spirit" and "a bit of an outlaw who doesn't listen very well." Extending a shoutout to all "his friends" at Irondog K9 International Inc., the Poison rocker continued of his canine companion, "He's acclimating, he's healthy and he's such a good dog."

Michaels not only appeared on Dancing with the Stars, he also survived a stroke years ago. Congrats on the new baby, Bret!

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