The Billy the Kidden Rescue received a report about a kitten hiding in the storm drain system at the Town Center of Virginia Beach and rescuers knew it wouldn't be a typical rescue due to the small size of the drains.

They couldn't fit a regular trap down there, so they had to come up with a creative solution. They set up a feeding station near the drain to entice the kitten to come closer to the surface. After nine days, the feline finally took the bait and came out to eat some shrimp scampi that was placed there.

One of the rescuers caught the kitten with a pole, and another reached down to secure him. They were determined not to let him go! They named the kitten Keagan Nando, inspired by the nearby restaurants Keagan's Irish Pub and Restaurant and Nando's Peri Peri Chicken. Currently, Keagan is being fostered by Rutti until he is ready for adoption.

Close-up portrait of black and white kitten

Photo: Rosmarie Wirz / Moment / Getty Images

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