Watch this dog go deep-sea diving. Some say it's animal abuse. Do you agree

In a video featuring a dog seemingly enjoying deep-sea diving posted online, debate rages since it has gone viral and has generated mixed reaction from viewers, with opinions divided from expressing concern over potential animal abuse and others noting the apparent joy exhibited by the adventurous canine.

In the short video, a dog equipped with a miniature scuba diving apparatus, gracefully exploring the underwater world alongside its human companion. The dog’s tail wags as it navigates through coral reefs and interacts with marine life.

While some viewers marvel at what they perceive as a heartwarming display of interspecies bonding and the dog’s seemingly genuine delight, others have raised ethical concerns regarding the safety and well-being of the animal.

"Bro is living better than a lot of other dogs, maybe even some people," one user said. "Completely unnecessary, there are safer ways to let the doggo enjoy," another wrote.

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