Kindhearted drivers help catch chihuahua loose on Staten Island Expressway

 Little chihuahuas can be easily frightened and can run very fast.

Drivers on their commute began to realize that a loose chihuahua had somehow ended up on a Staten Island New York expressway.

"Bean" and his owners say he was spooked by another dog, causing him to run as fast and as far as he could.

"He got under the fence didn't know there was a hole," said Tammy Richardson, Bean's mom.

In a team effort, about 20 cars pitched in to help by slowing down to make sure the fast cars couldn't hurt the already scared pup.

"I jumped out and chased, I didn't expect that dog could be so fast," said Ella Wolskawoja, who was among the many who stepped in to help catch Bean.

Nurse Kaitlyn McGinley spotted Ella running and pulled her car over. "I was like why is this woman running on the highway," she said, before realizing what was taking place. "The dog ran under my car and hit under my tire. Someone gave me a bag, and I scooped him up and put him in the car."

After getting the traffic under control, the drivers managed to get him back to his owners safely.

Here's the video!

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