She comes to visit her parents for Christmas to find they have a new pet

Stacy Jo Rost came home for Christmas to find that her parents had a new pet: a wild raccoon.

Rost's parents cook Little Rick breakfast and treat him like a king. The raccoon eats a diet of sardines, berries, and eggs. He has a bowl of water to wash his hands, a bed, and a selection of toys.

"My parents had to put their dog down two years ago and it's been really hard on them," Rost said in a post on X. "Unfortunately my stepdad, Rick, has found the worst way to cope: feeding a one-year old raccoon and letting him live on their porch."

Apparently, Little Rick had a hurt leg when he was a baby, and Rost's parents helped him survive his injury. Raccoons are legal to own as pets in 13 states.

Raccoons can bite when aggravated and carry rabies. Doesn't seem to phase her parents! Here's some video:

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