He drove 16 hours to get his cat who was missing for 7 years!

After his black cat Ace disappeared after a thunderstorm (which blew out a screen and gave the frightened cat a chance to run) 7 years later thinking he'd never see him again he got a text...while sitting on a plane about to take off.

He and his buddy had moved quite a bit and they were inseparable. But it was while he was living at Fort Hood Texas that a severe thunderstorm rolled through. As he tells it, the wind blew a screen out of the window and a frightened cat escaped.

Though he did everything he could, he never did find Ace until that fateful day 7 years later while sitting on a plane he got a very important message on his phone!

A beautiful cute black cat lies on a bright yellow woolen plaid at home.

Photo: Margarita Orlovskaia / iStock / Getty Images

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