Good Samaritans rescued abandoned dogs abandoned in freezing temperatures

The group STRAY RESCUE OF ST. LOUIS posted this:

We followed paw prints through the snow to an abandoned building where a Good Samaritan said they saw a pregnant dog. The single digit freezing temperatures were dangerous and would be deadly to newborns. As we made our way through the house, we heard....puppies! Our fingers and toes hurt from the cold, we can't believe this little family survived as long as they did. Now we are thrilled to introduce: Mama Grammys, and her safe, warm little award winning babies: Golden Globes, Emmys, Tonys, Oscars, SAG, and BAFTA!

Thank you to those who stepped in to save these dogs from freezing or starving to death.

On their Facebook page they wrote:

We rescued a mom and her babies from this disgusting house. We also found an older puppy (about 7 months old) hiding inside, along with several others that were sadly deceased. We're bringing them ALL back, including those that lost their battle to give them dignity in death and have them cremated. This family is safe now. Experienced mom/puppy foster needed. TODAY, all donations are being matched, through our Matching Mania Grant Giveaway (and you'll receive a thank you gift.) 

Meanwhile in nearby Kansas City a good samaritan noticed some pups under an abandoned house in very cold weather. That story is told HERE

Photo: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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