A stray cat crashes their wedding...but they make her part of the family

A stray cat who crashed Cara and Matt's wedding ended up becoming part of their family.

When Cara and Matt Hamdan were in the midst of their wedding vows, their ceremony was amusingly interrupted by an unexpected guest: a stray cat. Rather than seeing this as a mere distraction, the couple embraced the moment and later, adopted the cat, solidifying the pet's role in their newly formed family.

Cara and Matt’s special day took a surprising turn when the stray cat made an appearance during a crucial moment of their ceremony. Amidst the exchange of vows, laughter erupted from the attendees, drawing the couple’s attention to the purring intruder emerging from the shrubbery.

The couple immediately felt a connection. With Matt already being an avid cat lover, the decision to adopt the feline seemed almost destined. However, it wasn’t an instant transition. The venue's staff played a crucial role in securing the shy, evasive cat, using shrimp to coax her out of hiding. After some time, they succeeded in capturing her and subsequently took her to a shelter where Cara and Matt could formally adopt her.

The decision to adopt the cat - now named Daisy - wasn’t immediate. Because of their limited living space and an existing pet cat named Gatsby, Matt was hesitant. However, encouragement from friends and family swayed the couple's decision, and they embraced Daisy as a new family member.

Daisy quickly settled in, showcasing a level of affection that deeply resonated with the couple. "She’s very very loving and affectionate. She licks our hands like a dog. I’ve never seen a cat do this,” said Matt.

Enjoy the video!

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