The friendship between a postal carrier and a chihuahua goes crazy viral

The friendship between a postal carrier in the suburbs and a chihuahua named Frannie Joy is winning over the internet.

Frannie first met Dan Larsen back in 2021, shortly after she was adopted by Lisa Laskey and her husband. Lisa began recording the pair’s interactions and posting them and their videos went viral.

He has been delivering mail for almost forty years. One day he saw this little one pound dog scratching at the door as he approached. It looked like she wanted to meet him.

When she met Dan their bond seemed instantaneous. He saw her every day and Frannie Joy reacted the same way each time. People called it a love story and Dan was shocked to find that the videos were going viral. They were hearing from people having a difficult life who were finding great joy in the videos and the love of this dog for a mailman. Lisa gave her up own Facebook page and turned it into just videos of the mailman and a loving dog her

Long haired Chihuahua wearing red shirt, portrait

Photo: Ryan McVay / The Image Bank / Getty Images

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