This may be the cutest video you see all week: check out this ringbearer!

His name is Pancakes, and this Golden Retriever played an important role at his owner's wedding. In fact he may have overshadowed the entire ceremony

This adorable golden retriever delighted wedding guests as the pet happily made his way up the aisle to deliver the rings at his owner’s wedding.

He got a "good boy" for the adorable way he participated in his owners' wedding.

The event took place earlier this month in Liverpool, England.

In a video captured by the groom's uncle, Pancakes can be seen running down the aisle after the pastor asks, 'Who has the rings?"

The dog, wearing a black, tuxedo-like "jacket," was greeted by cheers of "good boy" as he made his way down the aisle and as he approached the couple he scampered up the steps to greet them.

A happy dog sits in the fall woods. Golden retriever golden retriever in the park in the fall foliage. Concept of a nature walk with a pet.

Photo: Irina Kashaeva / iStock / Getty Images

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