How he helped his two rescue dogs to not be afraid of the vacuum cleaner

 Have you seen the video of a dog owner’s attempt to help his two rescue pups, Bear and Ellie, overcome their fear of the vacuum cleaner? To do this, the man took a comical approach. Every time the vacuum made an appearance, the dogs would react by trying to chase it away. Thinking outside the box, the clever pet owner decided to scold the vacuum in front of his furry companions. With a wagging finger, he reprimanded the ‘bad vacuum,’ telling it to ‘stop that’ in a humorous display of disciplinary action that had the dogs amused.

… Despite the unconventional intervention, it seems the outcome was mixed. While one of the dogs, Bear, appeared unfazed by the vacuum’s return, Ellie held her ground, persistently barking and nipping at the intrusive cleaning device.

Close-up of Yorkshire terrier on robotic vacuum cleaner at home

Photo: Westend61 / Westend61 / Getty Images

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