Mr. Soto's Letter - Christmas Wish 2023

Dear Christmas Wish Listeners,

Mr. Soto-Fletes is a quiet, 51-year-old man. I first met him in August this year when he had started his radiation treatment for colorectal cancer at the Memorial Health Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute.

Prior to meeting him, Mr. Soto-Fletes ha undergone extensive surgery. Despite the many challenges he faced, physically and financially, he did not once miss any appointments. He is always polite and so grateful for the care he receives. He completed chemotherapy and radiation in September this year. However, he still faces three more months of extensive chemo before he has another life-changing surgery.

Mr. Soto-Fletes bravely faces whatever comes his way in a quiet, optimistic attitude. He and his wife, Nelly, are parents to a 9-year-old daughter, Candy, and an 8-year-old son Andri. Nelly and the children have been super supportive but Mr. Soto-Fletes struggles with the fear of not being able to provide for his family. He worries about how to keep a roof over their heads and provide for his children.

He is a proud man who has always worked hard until he became ill.Please help us make this Christmas special for this deserving family. 

The best Christmas gift for his family would be to have their beloved “Papa” healthy and back to being himself. However, the like all children, they dream of having games, computers and phones but anything would be a welcome surprise. Gift cards for groceries would be especially appreciated.

Thank you for helping make this family’s Christmas special.

Sincerely and with much thanks,

Nazli May, RN

Complex GI/Colorectal Nurse Navigator

Memorial Health

Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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