Robin's Letter - Christmas Wish 2023

Dear Listeners,

Robin is a 56-year-old female that I met on September 7, 2023 after her PET CT scan with her significant other Herbert. She had been in Memorial Health when she was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and her radiation and chemotherapy treatments were started.

Robin has had many struggles and obstacles during her treatment process. She is uninsured and lives in Okatie, South Carolina so transportation and the cost of treatment is a barrier. However, we worked together to get her to every appointment needed. During her appointments, she often spoke about her love of animals and that her concern was not for herself but for her dogs.Now that she was ill and week, she worried about not being able to walk her dogs. The fence around her property needs repair and if she can’t walk them it’s not safe to let them out in the yard until the fence is fixed. During another conversation with her, I found out that one of her dogs had puppies and she is hoping to find a good home for the five of them. Robin would love to provide a safe environment for her dogs as well as food, treats, toys and event spaying/neutering them if possible.

Robin completed her radiation here at the Memorial Health Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute on October 31, and was referred to another office for outpatient chemo treatments.

Please considering helping Robin, Herbert and their dogs so that they can all have a Merry Christmas.

They could use assistance with getting the fence repaired, gift cards are also appreciated as it will help her with her medical bills, buying dog food and groceries. Gas Cards will also be needed as she and Herbert have been traveling from South Carolina for all of her treatments in Savannah since she was diagnosed.

Thank you for helping during “the most wonderful time of the year.”


Monica Anderson, MBA, BSN, RN

Oncology Nurse Navigator

Memorial Health

Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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