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What to do if you lose a pet in the Bryan County tornado

Pound Dog

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The animal shelter in Bryan County has moved to Richmond Hill to deal with the aftermath of missing pets since the tornado.

“The tornado pretty much came at the end of the day, at the end of our day and it surprised us,” said Laura Lewis, the Bryan County animal control manager. “There was a lot of sustained damage around us. The tornado touched down within half a mile of the shelter.” While the shelter building in Pembroke was spared, the storm left it without power.

“We moved five dogs and five cats from the Pembroke shelter to here,” Lewis said. “So that way we could have power and have service. There is no, very little cell phone service at the Pembroke Shelter.”

Those ten animals were taken from Pembroke to Bryan County animal control in Richmond Hill. The shelter has this advice for anyone missing a pet:

“If you’re looking for your pet and you still haven’t been able to find them, we’re redirecting everyone here to Richmond Hill,” Lewis said. “Bring your pets here to Richmond Hill. We’ll post your, whatever pets we get in. We’ll post it on Facebook and our lost and found pages and we will try our hardest to get them reunited.”

If you need pet food or if you found a pet or have one that’s missing, you should call Lewis with animal control at 912-665-4615.

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