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Utah fireman enters freezing waters to rescue Bob trapped by an ice shelf

 The harrowing rescue was caught on camera as Firefighter Logan Hadley went out to save Bob the dog.

Video shows Bob thrashing around in the freezing waters of West Point, Utah, trapped by an ice shelf

Hadley climbed toward Bob on all fours while Bob's owner could be heard trying to calm the pup to down.

"Bob, be good!" his owner said. "Don't worry, Bob, he's going to save you!"

Bob dog-paddled over to Hadley, but then gets nervous.

"He's trying to bite his face!"

The two finally made it out of the water to a rousing round of "a-paws."

"We train for stuff like that. But this is the first time we've actually had ice rescue, to my knowledge. We do have other animal rescues, like we've gotten ducks out of grates or cats off roofs, or something like that. But this is our first time we've gotten the dog out of the water," Hadley said.

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