When I was a kid I would sleep with a radio under my pillow and think about how cool to be the voice that came out of the speaker. I guess if you want something badly enough….right? After working at my college radio station (Brooklyn College) I moved down south to play country music at 98.7FM which then became the format you hear today. Meeting listeners, getting involved in the community, sharing music and stories makes this a dream job for me. I’ve been doing our Christmas Wish program for over 22 years helping families impacted by cancer—and in the process raising over $750,000 to help them thanks to generous listeners like you—and doing what I can to give a voice to animals who can’t speak for themselves, through things like adoptions, and reuniting pets with their families—it’s pure joy for me. So in between the songs, these are the things you’re likely to hear when you listen to me. This year marks my 45th year at 98.7 The River and I thank you for being a part of it all.