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Mark Robertson

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Wheels Up! Podcast: Jesus Made Me Do It!

Wheels Up! Podcast: All You Can Fly Passes?

Wheels Up is my podcast that goes behind the headlines with details on some of the more unusual stories involving the airline industry and the people who work there. Like which airline is selling an "all you can fly" pass for $599? Listen and enjoy!

Episode 58: Obese Passengers Impact on You

Do you know the proper way to complain if you have a bad experience with an airline? It's Mark Robertson with Jay Ratliff and Wheels Up goes behind the headlines of the more unusual stories about airplanes and the airlines. Today, a woman in the middle seat is surrounded by two morbidly obese people--and she's not happy. What can she do? Listen!

Episode 57: American Airlines says Fly Delta or United?

Our podcast now in its second year takes you behind the headlines of the offbeat stories of the airline industry. Together with my co-pilot Jay Ratliff--iHeart's Airline expert and former airline executive--we explore the stories you may not have heard COMPLETELY. Why would American Airlines pilots tell the public to fly Delta or United instead? And why did two pilots fall asleep in the cockpit? Sit back...and enjoy!

Episode 56: A passenger lands a plane when the pilot passes out

Wheels Up is my podcast that goes behind the headlines of some of the offbeat stories coming from the airlines and the people who work there, with help from iHeart Airline Expert and former airline executive Jay Ratliff. Among the stories in this installment: when a pilot passes out on a Cessna plane, a brave and amazingly calm passenger gets help from the air traffic controller to safely land the plane. Settle back and enjoy....

Episode 55: A Vegas-bound couple get married onboard!

WHEELS UP! is my podcast taking you behind the headlines of some of the more offbeat stories coming out of the airlines and airports. In this installment: --an airline honors an employee for saving six lives --two pilots in separate planes try to swap cockpits but things don't go very smoothly --A shortage of pilots could lead to automated flights with only one pilot--or no pilots! --an American family in Israel stun an airport with their souvenir: an unexploded bomb! --Why one airline just fired 50 flight attendants Settle back and enjoy!

Episode 54: Worshipping Jesus at 30.000 Feet

"Wheels Up" is a podcast that takes you behind the headlines of offbeat or unusual stories involving the airlines. In this installment: --a video goes viral showing a packed flight being serenaded by two religious performers. Not everyone on the flight looks happy, but no one stopped them either --People are arriving on time at the airport only to miss a flight because they can't find a parking space --A flight crew is jailed after reporting drugs onboard their plane --a former flight attendant offers tips on the most common things flyers waste money on at the airport. You may take off your seat belt and enjoy this installment of WHEELS UP!

Episode 53: Airlines April Fools Fun

In this podcast we go behind the headlines of some of the more offbeat stories involving the airlines, but also answer some basic questions you have about travel. In this installment in addition to the airlines having some fun in April Fools Day: --was Miley Cyrus in any danger when her plane was hit by lightning? --Delta lands a plane when its windshield gets cracked--how often does that happen? --a second black box found on that China Eastern flight which went down a few weeks ago --The TSA and Apple partner to allow iPhone ID. Is google next? --Which airline is most likely to lose your luggage? Settle back and listen (and don't forget to let us hear from you!)

Episode 52: Are airfares in Savannah about to go down?

Mark Robertson here and this podcast started to give you the full picture of some of the very offbeat stories we heard about the airlines. Not only do we go behind the headlines, we also update you on what's happening in the industry and how it affects you. In this installment, why Jetblue passengers could not get off their plane, which airline is now reinstating alcohol sales, why are pilots protesting, and how a plane full of passengers calmed down a crying toddler! Listen...tray tables up please!

Episode 51: What becomes of a drunk Jetblue Pilot?

Do you know the proper way to complain if you have a bad experience with an airline? Do you know why not to drink coffee or tea on your next flight? I'm Mark Robertson and this podcast goes behind the headlines of some of the more unusual stories of the airline industry. Among the things we discuss in this installment: a 52 year old Jetblue Pilot is removed from a plane for failing a breathalyzer test. What happens to him next? We;ll also discuss a black passenger asked to move to the rear of the plane to provide more room for two white passengers. And what's the future of mask mandates on planes? We're ready to taxi so get ready. Tray tables up please!