Reporter says Florida gas station selling masks with the Nazi swastika

Stressed female wearing protective face mask.

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida woman found a face mask with swastikas on it being sold inside a Shell gas station in Fort Lauderdale. When Kelly Wagner asked a clerk about the masks the clerk replied, “Whatever. We sell what it is that they give us to sell.” It’s unclear how many of the $5 masks — which also includes Nazi eagle insignia — were sold at the Shell. Wagner shared that she purchased the last one and tossed it in the trash.

… When a local TV station asked the Shell station’s manager about the mask he claimed to have no idea what the swastika symbolized. He said he bought the masks from a small vendor who showed up at the gas station with masks for sale. The masks were part of an assortment with others.

… The Shell Oil company issued a statement that it “does not condone hate symbols and is in contact with the licensee of [the gas station] to have this item removed. We support inclusivity of all patrons who choose Shell and take allegations of discrimination seriously.”

Watch as this TV investigator Jeff Weinsier confronts a Shell gas station in Fort Lauderdale that was selling a face mask with swastikas and other Nazi insignia.

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