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Update on the teenager whose truck drove through a Texas tornado

His name is Riley Leon, he's 16 and a video of his truck inside a deadly Texas tornado went viral. In fact Riley says he had no idea anyone actually recorded it...until his brother showed it to him online. In it, you can see his truck turned on its side and then back upright again...and shortly afterwards, he drives away as if nothing ever happened. Here is that video in case you missed it:

Center For Severe Weather Research Scientists Search For Tornadoes To Study

Photo: Getty Images

Now a week after that incredible experience, the teenager has been doing interviews on various Texas news stations explaining just what happened.

Riley was out in bad weather, against his mother's wishes, because he was returning from a job interview at a burger chain. On his way home the tornado turned his Chevy truck on its side, spun it around, and then lifted it right side up again. Riley walked away with only a few cuts on his arm...but more importantly, he survived. The truck? That's a different story.

In videos he shared we see the truck is drivable, but in bad condition. He says he worked hard to make enough money to buy that truck from his father last summer. Listen to some of the interviews he's given to date.

By the way, yes Riley did get that job. And even better, he's heard from Chevrolet. See below.

Chevrolet knows good publicity and this was it. A Fort Worth Chevy dealership has reached out to Riley to offer him a free Chevy truck! :)

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